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MONSTERS (Intro) Lyrics

There's a new kind of monster
Go on and tell your friends
Promise you that we'll haunt ya
Again and again and again
Gonna be getting stronger
With every step we take
Not waiting any longer
Better get out of our way

We are the monsters
Get ready, here we come
The baby monsters
Outnumber you seven to one

About MONSTERS (Intro) Lyrics

While there isn't an official release of the lyrics for "MONSTERS (Intro)" by BABYMONSTER from their debut album  "BABYMONS7ER" yet (it just came out today!),  here's what we can gather based on online sources and teasers:

Possible Themes:

Introduction & Confidence: Being an intro, the song likely introduces BABYMONSTER and their strong presence in the music industry.

Power & Determination: Going by the title "Monsters," the lyrics might project an image of confidence and dominance on the scene.

Seven Members: There are hints that the song references the group's number of members (7).

Possible Lyrics (based on teasers and speculation):

Lines like "Oh there's a new kind of monster" or "We are the monsters" could establish their arrival and unique sound.
"Getting stronger with every step we take" suggests perseverance and growth.
"Number is 7, we the baby monsters" might be a direct reference to the group size.a


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Song Name :– MONSTERS (Intro)

Singer Name :– BABYMONSTER

Album Name :– BABYMONS7ER

Release Date :

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