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Work Lyrics Justina Valentine are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer ​Justina Valentine. This Song will release on 21 May 2021.

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Work Lyrics Justina Valentine

Song:– Work

Singer:– Justina Valentine

Written:– Justina Valentine

Work Lyrics Justina Valentine

You want a [?]
You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati?
You better work, bitch
You better work, bitch
You better work, bitch

Bad little thing wanna kiss on my ring, yeah
Got mad sauce, it’s a Italy thing, yeah
Always been that, badaboom, badabing
But they ain’t wanna give me one goddamn thing
Never been scared to put the work in
Getting to the cream like Jergens
25/7 I’m working
Y’all stay worried ’bout Birkins
I’m cutting up like a surgeon
‘Bout my cash money like Birdman
Rhyme tight, pussy on virgin
Hoes mad yea they stay lurking
When I go live they be the first in
Said you like me? Well you just the Walmart version

You better work, bitch

I been on my grind
Nine to five and a five to nine
They don’t wanna see me in overdrive
Putting in hours, doing overtime
Doja fine, no kitten, no days off
Bills all paid up, guess it all paid off
Bitches stay scheming like Madoff
They don’t wanna see me in the playoffs
(You better work, bitch)
I be exuding magnificence
Yeah, I’m just counting my dividends
You could get played like an instrument
I beat Goliath like Letterman
Talking ’bout David, I don’t need no middlemen
They all got writers, I’m penning this venomous
That’s why they call me Feminem, limitless
Heir to the throne like I’m Middleton
Serving these bitches like I am Serena in Wimbledon

You better get this
You better get this
You better get this

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