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Description: Tremendous Lyrics Rare Americans are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Rare Americans. This Track belongs to ​Songs That Don’t Belong album. It is released on November 17, 2022.

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Tremendous Lyrics Rare Americans
Tremendous Lyrics Rare Americans

Song:– Tremendous

Singer:– Rare Americans

Album:– Songs That Don’t Belong

Written:– Rare Americans

Tremendous Lyrics Rare Americans

Hey bartender, I kinda like this song
The chorus is catchy
I wanna song along
It sounds fresh
It’s a banger
It’s a tune
Turn it up louder and see what the people do
I’m thinking in my head “at this time I’d usually be in bed”
Netflix with a bottle of red
New people comin’ round
Tourists from outta town
Lookin’ for girls so they can get down
Bought myself a drink
Turned down my anything
She pulled up next
I looked a her and blinked
Old man no how the hell does this go just with me and my dog a lotta nights in a row
She looked at mе and said “Like your hat their, friend”
I told hеr that I loved her
Oh fuck, I’m dead
Hey bartender, this is my favorite song
Play it again so we can sing along
It’s tremendous!

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