Spend some time in tranquillity at Dubai Marina

Top 8 Things to Do to Discover Dubai’s Nightlife – Guide of Dubai Nightlife 2022

About Dubai Nightlife

Dubai Nightlife

The city of Dubai is popular for striking a fine balance between the experiences of day and night respectively. Apart from its architectural magnificence, thousands of world records, cultural richness and modern lifestyle, it has also earned fame for its electrifying nightlife all over the globe. Undoubtedly, the nightlife of Dubai is a bright palette as several colours are infused on it to lend an experience of a lifetime. Be it spending time under a star-studded sky, viewing the skyline of Dubai, indulging in an underwater experience or grooving to the tunes of the heart, the city does ensure a blast at night too. It is home to numerous places that allow travellers to explore the dark secret of the city in the light of the memories that can be cherished forever.

Here’s the list of the top 8 things to do to discover Dubai’s nightlife:

Spend some time in tranquillity at Dubai Marina

Spend some time in tranquillity at Dubai Marina

Be it a peaceful or romantic thought, a walk alongside Dubai Marina constitutes one of the best things to do to discover Dubai’s nightlife. Located alongside an artificial canal, Marina houses several cafes, boutiques and restaurants introducing travellers with the popular dishes of Dubai and its bustling lifestyle. Here, they can go for a serene walk and enjoy dining in the backdrop of spectacular views of the buildings and canals situated on the other side of the Marina. A yacht ride, especially with a significant other, is a great option to turn a casual night into a memorable affair at Marina. As the place is also equipped with cycling and jogging tracks, it is quite an experience to spend some unique time either paddling or jogging with closed ones.

Get glazed by Dubai’s Skyline from Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa serves as one of the best places to visit to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife. Roosting about 148 floors up in the sky, it allows travellers to take a gander at Dubai’s nightlife differently. Also, it is a great option for those who wish to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and yet want to explore the city’s nightlife to the best. Witnessing skyline views of the city is not only an awe-inspiring experience but quite an adventurous one too. From stunning skyscrapers to highways, everything appears to illuminate when viewed from the highest floors of this building. Also, as the place has several corporate suites, lounges and dwellings, it ensures travellers of numerous moments of relaxation amidst the most stunning views of the city. To further add value to the experience, travellers can plan their visit around any one of the Dubai Fountain Shows that glitter the entire place in surreal beauty.

Explore a fascinating destination, Dubai Garden Glow

Established in the year 2015, Dubai Garden Glow is the place that features the beauty of the wonders created from recycled items, well-crafted tress and animals along with a replica of the Dubai’s most recognized building Burj Khalifa. This one of its kind theme park is an ideal place to explore with children as it not only offers entertainment but also educates travellers about the prehistoric era of the city. Also, it is home to an artificially illuminated garden which has taken inspiration from the fireworks, nature and the world’s wonders. Further, this garden is home to about 100 animatronic dinosaurs adding to the curiosity of the visitors. Moreover, there are several activities like Talking Tree, Sparkling Garden, Stage Shows, Acrobats and International performances that are quite fun to be a part of. Additionally, the garden houses a pavilion where a diverse range of delicacies can be relished. Dubai’s Garden Glow boasts of a complete entertainment package when it comes to exploring the city’s nightlife scene.

Sail on a fairytale at the Dhow Cruise

For the first-time travellers in Dubai, sailing on the Dhow Cruise is a must-have experience. The Dhow holds great cultural significance as traders and fishermen used to travel by Dhows in the old days. It constitutes an integral part of the heritage that the city is well-known all over the world. Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina are the two commercial city areas where the Dhow Cruise operates. It has been shared by thousands of travellers that sailing through different areas in a Dhow is like living a fairytale. Be it witnessing astounding city views, grooving on live music, watching live performances by dancers and musicians or enjoying dishes inspired by traditional Arabic cuisine, Dubai’s nightlife reference in books turns real.

Retreat into a cosy zone at the club Barasti

Barasti is one such place in Dubai that offers a glimpse of two different worlds. Here, one can feel mesmerised by viewing the city’s impressive skyline on one side and can be fascinated by the Persian Gulf’s vibrant hue on the other. In such a beautiful and remarkable setting, it is quite usual to let the body groove in the comfort and warmth featured by the place. The ground floor of the club has a live band which plays relaxing and rejuvenating music whereas the other floor is specially designed for serious party lovers. So, slip into your ripped jeans, flip-flops or any comfortable wear of your choice and get ready to dance on the beats like never before.

Live night of dreams at Desert Safari

Dubai’s nightlife scene is said to be incomplete without exploring its rugged desert and living its fantasies. The Desert Safari features an extraordinary and alluring affair especially in the darkness of the night. When the entire ambience gets beautified with a vibrant Arabian vibe, it not only feels rustic but authentic too. It transports travellers into a time when the Emirati feel used to overwhelm tourists from different geographical boundaries. By featuring a plethora of entertaining and uncommon activities along with sumptuous buffet dinner, it undoubtedly beats the glitz of the city’s core night parties. From camping under the shelter of stars, drawing rings of shisha smoke, trying dune driving and riding on a camel to dozing off in the tent, all constitute experiences that are rare yet special. Also, waking up to the smell of the Emirati breakfast is quite enticing. One must not forget the cultural performances that constitute the heart of the Desert Safari. Apart from grooving on the beats of traditional music, travellers can capture the most beautiful sunsets here.

Enjoy your favourite tipples at Bar 44

Bar 44 is one of the stylish bars in Dubai that provide a cosy and sophisticated urban feel. Due to the spectacular views of the city and the Palm Jumeirah, it has never failed to draw the attention of nocturnals planning to party all night in an intimate setting. The invention selection of drinks available here further elevates the experience of enjoying the night with friends. An exquisite range of wines, champagnes, malts and cocktails are served by expert mixologists here. The relaxing atmosphere of the bar is another reason that even the chic crowd gets attracted to it. Travellers can visit this bar any day between 6 pm and 2 am.

A casual walk under the city lights at JBR The Walk

One of the best places to explore at night in Dubai is JBR The Walk. It is considered as among the most popular hangout places in the city and certainly, for the right reasons! Stretched for about 1.7 km, this place houses an array of restaurants and cafes featuring a fine dining experience with loved ones. It even has a beach where travellers can enjoy lazing around. For couples, walking hand-in-hand here is quite a romantic experience. Also, a general walk alongside the beach offers several introspective moments which are otherwise difficult to cherish amidst hectic daily schedules. As JBR The Walk is one of the top tourist attractions in the city, it hosts a variety of fun-loving and thrilling activities. Also, several street plays, including sculpture and art displays, musicals and photography exhibits, are organized here. All these combine to make it a destination where a night full of fun and frolic can be spent in Dubai.

Tips for Nightlife in Dubai

What to Wear

Travellers planning a visit to Dubai anytime soon must note that they should dress modestly as U.A.E is a conservative country. However, they can feel relaxed when it comes to partying at night as party outfits are considered normal in the nightlife attire of Dubai. So, women can wear short skirts and even micro-minis when visiting clubs or bars. Certain clubs in Dubai do not allow men to dress in casual attire. Therefore, it is recommended best to inquire about the rules and regulations followed by the club or bar that you are planning to visit.

Nightlife Timings

Most clubs in the city of Dubai start filling up quite early in the night and may even go till 3 am. Travellers must check the operational timings of the bar/club/pub that they are planning to stop by. Also, as Friday and Saturday constitute weekends in the Gulf Region, it is advised to make reservations prior. On Tuesdays, in particular, the nightlife in the city is dedicated to women and most clubs offer a Ladies Night. So, in case, you are travelling to Dubai with your girls’ gang, Tuesday is the day to enter free in several city clubs and enjoy the night.

Additional Information

As several clubs in Dubai allow people above age 25 only, therefore, travellers must take note of such rules. Also, they should carry an identity card as it is likely that they are asked to show one for entry at certain clubs in the city. Driving license, Emirates ID Card and Passport are the forms of ID cards that are acceptable in mostly all city clubs. There are stringent laws for drinking and driving in U.A.E, therefore, one must not drink and drive in the city. The best option to tackle such a situation is to book a cab. As the city does not entertain public displays of affection, it is better to remain cautious. Overall, Dubai is most likely considered safe in the night as it is in the day. Whether one is travelling solo or with family/friends, there is nothing to feel anxious about while exploring the bustling nightlife of Dubai.