​​​​Somewhere Far Away Lyrics RetcH

Had a nigga sittin in a cage, locked up five-hundred days
I was going insane, thinkin I would never see change
They ain’t let a nigga out the chains
Came back and got paid
Ain’t even been a hundred days, I done made a whole hundred k
Nigga I cannot play
But I’ma count up (?)
You know apples in them trees

Everybody, I just wonder if you feel me
They got me stressing out the (?), do you feel me?

She suck me good, she swallow my balls
Heard she used to fuck with my dog
Couldn’t hit her raw dog
Can’t believe my nigga got caught
Shot up and the police got called
What thе fuck is going on?
Why you think my heart is all chrome?
I can’t wear no Commе Des Garcons
Cause my heart is so torn
Talking to my younin through the phone
Locked up, I was feelin all alone
I just wanna go home

Hey anybody, wanna know if you can hear me
They got me somewhere far away, can you hear me?

I had to cut the bitch off cause the bitch was trippin
I’m in love with a couple of different women
She had sent me a message, saying she miss a nigga
I can bet she was fucking a different nigga
Had to pop out at Neiman’s with 50 on me
Jump right back in Amiri’s, they fitted on me(?)
But the mother of my son, that’s a different story
I don’t care about that shit, it’s who did it for me
Only thing that I ask is you be there for me
Pick up the phone when I need somebody
You know I can’t lay up with anybody
You keep it solid (?)
Had a nigga sittin in a cage, locked up five-hundred days
I was going insane, thinkin I would never see change

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Song:– Somewhere Far Away

Singer:– RetcH

Written:– RetcH

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