Seventeen Going Under Lyrics Sam Fender

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This Song will release on 7 July 2021. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

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Song:– Seventeen Going Under

Singer:– Sam Fender

Written:– Sam Fender

Seventeen Going Under Lyrics Sam Fender

I remember the sickness was forever
I remember snuff videos
Cold Septembers
The distances we covered
The fist fights on the beach
The Bizzies round us up
Do it all again next week
Embryonic love
The first time that it scarred
Embarrass yourself for someone
Crying like a child
And the boy who kicked Tom’s head in
Still bugs me now
That’s the thing it lingers
And claws you when you’re down

I was far too scared to hit him
But I would hit him in a heartbeat now
That’s the thing with anger
It begs to stick around
So it can fleece you of your beauty
And leave you spent with nowt to offer
It makes you hurt the ones who love you
You hurt them like they’re nothing

See I spent my teens enraged
Spiralling in silence
And I armed myself with a grin
Cause I was always a fuckin’ joker
Buried in their humour
Amongst the white noise and boys’ boys
Locker room talkin’ lads’ lads
Drenched in cheap drink and snide fags
A mirrored picture of my old man
Oh God the kid’s a dab hand
Canny chanter, but he looks sad
God, the kid looks so sad

She said the debt, the debt, the debt
So I thought about shifting gear
And how she wept and wept and wept
The luck came down round here
I see my mother
The DWP see a number
She cries on the floor encumbered
I’m seventeen going under
I’m seventeen going under

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