Off Broadway Lyrics Flatland Cavalry

Find the amazing lyrics of Off Broadway in this article. No doubt the lyrics of this song has been able to reach thousands of listeners across the world. Sung by the famous Singer ​Flatland Cavalry, this song can become the next hot favorite.

The song belongs from the album Welcome to Countryland which got released on 2 July 2021. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

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Song:– Off Broadway

Singer:– Flatland Cavalry

Album:– Welcome to Countryland

Producer:– Jake Gear

Written:– Cleto Cordero

Off Broadway Lyrics Flatland Cavalry

Here we sit in this place that’s frozen in time
Where they turn the mighty Mississippi into sweet barley wine
There’s cracks in the sidewalk and clothes on the line
As we stroll hand in hand in this land that’s frozen in time

Graffiti tattoos cover faded brick walls
And the street people answer whenever you call
They raise their eyebrows each time I say, “Y’all”
And they smile each time I say, “Friеnd”

Somewhere off broadway, St. Louis, Missouri
I fеll in love once again

All the red brick chimneys are puffing with smoke
As we head to the pub and we spark up a toke
And the night it’s as black as a coal miner’s coat

We sing out of tune like an alley cat choir
And cough through the laughter and tobacco fire
If tonight were a steeple it couldn’t sit higher
This place that I hold in my heart
For all of my friends

Somewhere off broadway, St. Louis, Missouri
I fell in love once again

I fell in love once again

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