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The song belongs from the album Space Jam: A New Legacy which got released on 9 July 2021. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

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Song:– MVP


Album:– Space Jam: A New Legacy


Written:– Dom McLennon, Matt Champion, Kevin Abstract, Joba & Merlyn Wood


[Verse 1: Dom McLennon]
Give me the rock, and I’ma show you all the ways to be the MVP
Even if you own a bank, you still can’t check me
See, I was born for this, I ain’t the type to sport technique
And I ain’t waitin’ for a catch, you better accept me, ya dig?
I can hear the ball, I don’t get chatty
Take you to the house like I’m Trick Daddy
If I’m skippin’ through the lane, they can [?]
Hit a pose for the camera when it gets flashin’
If you don’t know, my body take your vitamins
Got the bench warmed like Natasha Idi Amin
Plays they makin’ could be cock-inspirin’
Next possession point like I’m LaMеlo, then I’m firin’
Blam, crowd goes wild, I’m the man
Baby, I’m thе coach, just so you know, we had a plan
If you wanna stop me, better have a diagram
I was number one before the season had began

[Chorus: Kevin Abstract, Joba, Merlyn Wood]
Boy, you make me wanna, boy you make me wanna-
Boy, you make me wanna, go head, go head, go-o
Boy, you make me wanna, jump, jump, boy, you make me wanna-
Boy, you make me wanna, JUMP, JUMP go head, go head, go-o

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]
I’ma put you on a poster
Call fatheads and tell ’em
Put your head where my palm is
See yo’ ass on out call the chauffeur
Speed dial, no sir, under there, Oprah?
Catch a rest from over there in Lot B
The Mazdas, the Kias, and the Air-Four 50s
Don’t see passion in any eyes I see
Fear of the foe that is coming closely
I’mma slang through the lane
Rolling like window pane
Got a jump of the rank
Get a rang dang lang
Know the feet on the sheet
That’s showing stain danes
I’m a beast for the title
Hit my phone like rang rang

[Chorus: Kevin Abstract, Joba, Merlyn Wood]
Boy you make me wanna, boy you make me wanna-
Boy you make me wanna, go head, go head, go-o
Boy you make me wanna, JUMP, JUMP boy you make me wanna-
Boy you make me wanna, JUMP, JUMP go head, go head, go-o

[Verse 3: Joba]
Come and get it, come, come and get it
Swimmin in the paint triple digits on the ceiling?
I’m winnin’, yeah, yeah, I’m winnin’
Whippin’ and winnin’ minute by minute
I’m sending it up, deep in the box
Free throws you won’t even see me
Bring the Bock, hands up
Did you say som’n?
Swish, swish
That’s the sound of the champion!
Ankles break then its served like it’s and-one
Lace up, defense, offense my fence
Get back, you don’t wanna miss this
I’mma be like Mike, check it off my wishlist
Don’t miss the shots I take! (Don’t miss)

[Outro: Merlyn Wood]

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