Love Don’t Live Here Lyrics Chief Keef

​​​​Love Don’t Live Here Lyrics Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sung by famous Singer Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It. This Song will release on 2 June 2021.

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Love Don’t Live Here Lyrics Chief Keef

Song:– Love Don’t Live Here

Singer:– Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It

Producer:– Tommee Profitt

Written:– Paul Duncan, Oz (Pop), Tommee Profitt & Riley Clemmons

Love Don’t Live Here Lyrics Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It

Y’all know what it is nigga
GBE, baby
Know how the fuck we rockin’
Somebody call the ambulance
Finna have an ice attack
All these motherfuckin’ diamonds on me
Brrp, bling, yeah
I know y’all be sitting back like:
So ain’t on none of that clout shit
We don’t do shit for clout
We don’t pull up just to stunt nigga, we just pull off a stunt nigga

Watch just glisten, shit we still kickin’
Pull up to the ‘Rari lot, in some white linen
On some pig shit skin ’em, thousand dollar denim
Three thousand dollar pipe, you can get hit with ’em
Shells let off we’ve done it, nigga we just did ’em
Somebody gave me laxative, I ain’t mean to shit ’em
And my shortie kill ’em, he ain’t got to rip ’em
No I ain’t a judge I up the gat then I pill ’em
Blasting off, blasting off, in a NASCAR
They asked why I bought it, it’s a fast car
Pull up to your ball game, hit the Mascot
I’ll chase your ass down like a Jaguar
Car steady going, this bitch can’t even stop
We don’t want no beef, these niggas really cops
Pourin’ up that ‘Wock, shit make me flock
Run up in the spot, forgot to hit my lock
On the cop
Oh he muslim, believe in Allah
Gotta X6M, I ain’t even get a drop
Rippty-rippty-hot, skippty-dippty-clot
He feelin’ like he rippty not
You can just get we got
I got a plane around my neck who want a flight
Gang slip bitch pull up you tryna try
Police ass niggas callin’ the other guys
Send his ass in the up alley like Bob Hayes
I just took off and they hate that shit
Get that bitch a 40 told her engrave that shit
Lambo look like black hair like I prainted that shit
And my name on it, I engraved that bitch
I just pulled out man cause I said that bitch
Just took off I feel like I raised that bitch
I don’t want none of them niggas that don’t play that shit
Ridin’ with my bulldog smoking catpiss
I got the paprica, I got desert eagle, I love me senorita
Wipe a nigga you digg, she wanna see me she ego
Boy it’s down this evening, you gon’ be missing it’s easy
Won’t be givin’ a reason
I used to steal out the store
Now I pimp out the store
Bitch I’m peelin in the store
I got 50 racks and more
16 houses up in my coat
All this some off white like a promo
I just spent that on my yachty
You’s a pendejo mayate
She just put you on the black page
Don’t make me get back to my block ways
I need million off the lotti
I’m in cape with the pally
Oh you think that you not it
Bullets hit you let my watch hit
I got a .40 cal stop shit
I got a .45 drop shit
I was 16 with a cop stick
With a copbut that shit not nigga
Lookin’ for love it don’t live here
Fuck you knockin’ on the door for ?
Almost hit your with this .44
Imma smack you with this jock hoe
I’m in tokyo on a dot show
I might pass speed above hoe
And you know I got the ho-hoes
Sosa said I leave them Glo poles
Light you ass up now it’s a Glo show
Slidin’ up it’s a Glo pole
She takin’ pics up in a Glo room
You gotta go I got a show soon
I pull the carrots up out the show room
It’s just for two you ain’t got no room
Bury your body in your old room
She tryna fuck she in some old school
I started off feelin’ like out school
Kaykay like dad I ain’t got no school
Lil shawty smoking that shit awful
I feel that your dad is so cool
I bought some sticks but don’t put no pool
You live in LA and ain’t got no pool
You ain’t shit boy you ain’t got no pool
Girl my angel sound is so rude

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