Lila’s Theme Lyrics Lila Drew

Description:- Lila’s Theme Lyrics Lila Drew are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Lila Drew. This Track belongs to ​All the Places I Could Be album. It is released on October 14, 2022.

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Lila’s Theme Lyrics Lila Drew
Lila’s Theme Lyrics Lila Drew

Song:– Lila’s Theme

Singer:– Lila Drew

Album:– All the Places I Could Be

Producer:– Jordan Reyes & Shea Taylor

Written:– Lila Drew, Jordan Reyes & Shea Taylor

Lila’s Theme Lyrics Lila Drew

[Verse 1]
Can I write you a letter
Sayin’, I’m blue?
Drew it on the skyline
Trace to my eyeline
You’re not allowed to change your mind
On me, mm
You’re not allowed to criticize

[Verse 2]
Buy me a landline
Color it blue
I dare you, I dare you, ooh
I dare you

[Verse 3]
And you remembered ’68
LA Times
The Doors on the other line
Shot dead
A love death
The ultimate high

[Verse 4]
Sing to me
‘Cause I’m blue
And I’ll remember it too
And I’ll remember you too, no
Mm, mm-hmm

[Verse 5]
Saw you in the light
Didn’t know it was like that
When was it a crime
Could’ve been a reminder to sleep on it
So selfish
A week on it
I’m weak often, I’m weak often

I know it’s just a matter of time, oh, oh
I know it’s just matter over mind
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
Oh, no
Ah-ah, ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah, mm, mm

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