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I Wanna Be Romanticized Song

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This Song will release on 14th feb 2020. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

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Song:– I Wanna Be Romanticized

Singer/Band:– $UICIDEBOY$


I Wanna Be Romanticized Song By Suicideboys

[Verse 1: Norman Atomic]
Book the first-class flight, fly me anywhere
Making sure it’s somewhere far away, awake me when we land
I never thought that I would be a millionaire
Never in my life
On the verge of suicide, I told the world it’s you or I
I have two sides
One that wants to see you all thrive and one that wants to see you die
Fancy cars and fancy homes
Wrecked and abandoned, now you’re regretting that loan
Money on my mind, I lost track of time
Tried to spend it all in one night, now I’m broke until I’ve died

[Verse 2: Anthony Mars]
Came home late night, yeah
Huggin’ on my parents tight, told me that they missed me
Followed by another fight, wait
Facebook, ‘Gram likes, “How you doin’ on the mic?”
“How you doin’ on the road?” I ain’t tryna tour no more
Fuckin’ all these hoes only left me with a bigger hole
Popping pills every night, rotten on the inside
Pain covered red eyes, don’t know how to get by
All they see is dollar signs (All they see is dollar signs)
Scott done got itemized, manifested suicide

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