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Find the amazing lyrics of Hitch Hiker in this article. No doubt the lyrics of this song has been able to reach thousands of listeners across the world. Sung by the famous BONES, this song can become the next hot favorite.

The song belongs from the album In Loving Memory which got released on 18 June 2021. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

Supposedly you are here to find the lyrics of Hitch Hiker and you have just made the right choice. We have jotted down the lyrics so that you can understand the mood and enjoy the feel.

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Song:– Hitch Hiker

Singer:– BONES

Album:– In Loving Memory

Producer:– Grey Cigar

Written:– BONES

Label:– TeamSESH & EMPIRE

Hitch Hiker Lyrics BONES

Tricked him into thinkin’ I’m hitchhiking, can you pick me up?
I [?] out my gun, now don’t make this a murder, give it up
Up in the trunk, 30, 60, give me a buck
Get me lit, I had to strip
I took his heart, I put ’em in the trunk
Baby girl, no don’t bother me, give me that then be gone with ya
I can’t go back and forth with ya
On her knees, now I’m over her
Broke her heart, now I’m over her
Couldn’t get fizzy, like soda, uh
You get popped, like some [?]
Skeleton gang, I’m the general
SESH embossed on my denim
But cargo hit with that [?]
Without you, I’m an animal
In this game, I’m a cannibal
You could be stood up, like Rambo
Start wildin’, stockpiling ammo
Still I won’t creep with that camo
Pop up quick, lit with that anna, like, uh, uh

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