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Find the amazing lyrics of Hello in this article. No doubt the lyrics of this song has been able to reach thousands of listeners across the world. Sung by the famous Singer Xavier Weeks, this song can become the next hot favorite.

This Song will release on 27 May 2021. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

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Song:– Hello

Singer:– Xavier Weeks

Producer:– Gibbo

Written:– Xavier Weeks

Hello Lyrics Xavier Weeks

Lyrics from Snippet

Gibbo (Gibbo)

Spend a bag at Neiman Marcus, told the clerk, “Hello”
Walk in with my bitch, she rock all yellow
Catchin’ flights, got a stop in the London Heathrow
Sittin’ by the window while I’m counting C-Notes (Woah)
Spend another bag and we do it all again
We tryna run it up, tell my bro, “What’s the plan?” (Yeah)
All up in my mentions when I see ’em, they my fans (No)
You win then you lose, gotta take another chance (Chance)
Let’s go, tell my lady, “Yeah, call me when you need me” (Ayy)
If I told the world I made it, they will not believe me (No)
Yeah, who said this shit was easy? (Woah)
Got some love and a bae, I feel like G-Eazy (Woo)
Bitch I’m fyed up, I feel like KBeaZy
I’m talented, sold-out shows in the Orlando
I cannot complain, cause this is what I signed up for
They get me loose when I spend racks at the…

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