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Description:- Headline Lyrics Coco Jones are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Coco Jones. This Track belongs to ​What I Didn’t Tell You – EP album. It is released on November 4, 2022.

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Headline Lyrics Coco Jones
Headline Lyrics Coco Jones

Song:– Headline

Singer:– Coco Jones

Album:– What I Didn’t Tell You – EP

Producer:– Bongo

Written:– Coco Jones

Label:– Def Jam Recordings & High Standardz

Headline Lyrics Coco Jones

[Verse 1]
I got your location, I know where you at (At, at, at)
Say you chillin’ with the homies, that’s cap (Cap, cap, cap)
And I know who you been screwin’
Why you actin’ nervous?
Really hope she was worth it (No, no-no-no, no)

What you doin’ at noon?
I ain’t no fool, I been ahead of you
Said you still love me like you used to
I ain’t no fool, I ain’t no fool

Tryin’ to be slick, better watch your step
I’ma [?], you don’t wanna see my back slap
You gon’ end up as a headline (Woah, oh)
I know you see me all pretty, but boy, I got a bad side
This ain’t funny, this ain’t satire
You gon’ end up as a headline if you catch on my bad side

[Verse 2]
Still movin’ [?]

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