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Song:– Goodbye


Album:– TM

Producer:– Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa & Jonah Abraham

Written:– Matt Champion, Joba, Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa, Jonah Abraham & William Garvey

Label:– Question Everything & RCA Records

Vocals:– Ryan Beatty


[Verse 1: Joba]
Was always the loser, you thought it was cool
What’s the mood?
What’s the mood?
Love me or leave me, I never could choose
Thanks to you
Thanks to you
It’s over
I’m out, yeah
At your gravestone
Open the glass, yeah
Welcome to darkside
Drive, driving, DUIs
Sneakin’ my sips, just like you taught me
Responsible degradation
Love us, lost love
I try, oh

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]
You’re the only one I risk my life for
What a surprise to see you tonight
Everybody’s been working
Are we ready to releasе it all?
You’re the only one I’m glad to see hеre
Friday fresh from a late-night shift
This oughta be the best time
The best time of our lives

Goodbye boys
I’m dying over you
Goodbye boys
I’m dying over you
Goodbye boys (Days)
I’m dying over you
Goodbye boys
I’m dying, dying, dying over you

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