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Description:- Flannel Lyrics Lil Peep are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Lil Peep. This Track belongs to ​Live Forever album. It is released on December 2, 2015.

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Flannel Lyrics Lil Peep
Flannel Lyrics Lil Peep

Song:– Flannel

Singer:– Lil Peep

Album:– Live Forever

Producer:– Willie G

Written:– Lil Peep

Flannel Lyrics Lil Peep

I’ll be good, I don’t care
My whole life sucks anyway
I could feel it in the air today
I’ll be fine on my own
I got nowhere left to go
But you got no one left to turn to now
Will you cry when you die
And there’s no one by your side
And your bedroom walls are burnin’ down?
Or will you take your stand tonight?
Get your ass away from that light
One more try, you’ll be just fine
Do what’s right, baby, drop that knife
I don’t wanna watch you bleed (Watch you bleed)
I don’t wanna watch you leave (Baby, I’ll leave too)
I could never live my dream (My dream)
I would never live my dream (Baby, I need you)

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