Ew Lyrics Baby Kaely ft. Baby Kaely

Find the amazing lyrics of Ew in this article. No doubt the lyrics of this song has been able to reach thousands of listeners across the world. Sung by the famous Singer ​Baby Kaely, this song can become the next hot favorite.

This Song will release on November 2020. As soon as the song showed the teaser, it could immediately draw millions of attention.

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Song:– Ew

Singer:– Baby Kaely

Featuring:– Baby Kaely

Producer:– Baby Kaely

Written:– Baby Kaely

Ew Lyrics Baby Kaely ft. Baby Kaely

Seriously? look at her hair EW! I’m trying hard not to stare EW! I’m lgghgfh the what the EW! Right, Right EW EW! Oh you got to see this, EW! Tbvbnghxfm tyzt sok like a genius! YA! This isn’t right! EW EW! No look at it look at it! EW EW!! No look at it look at it!! oh my gosh! EW EW! her head is such a mess O.M.G she think she better than me. she musta lost her mind like seriously lost her mind! so, im gonna tell my mommy and my mommy will tell my daddy then my daddy will tell my aunty then we will be like EW EW! now she’ll be embarrassed, whats emabarrassed? you know fell stupid YA i am really for real she think she all that but EW EW. Who said she could have it? To me she just look ratchet! but seriously though who likes that? EW right right? EW EW! Look at the way she dresses she always has a necklace EW! she’s not cool, she breaking all the rules! EW! this is just horrible! EW EW! look at it look at it! EW EW! no look at it look at it! EW EW! oh my gosh! EW EW! i am not rude but this girl is not cool i see her at my school always looking like a fool. But i’m the one who’s fresher than and no one here is better than, i try to show them that i can be cool and be their friend, then they just laugh and be dying, and on the inside i am cryng, i am so hot that i’m frying, now sounds like i’m wining, so, mer mer mer mer sat on the wall please try and make me the coolest kid of them all, this girl with the hair better beware cause everywhere she be ima be there like, hello my name is Zuzie thats Zuzie with a Z and so i didn’t say Suzie originality, my mom told me that i would be the coolest and if people don’t like then they’ll just be foolish YA! come on party people why don’t we bust a move you hear that beat bangin hard

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