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Description:- CC4 Lyrics Lecrae are Provided in this article. The track is lead by Lecrae. This Track belongs to ​Church Clothes 4 album. It is released on November 4, 2022.

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CC4 Lyrics Lecrae
CC4 Lyrics Lecrae

Song:– CC4

Singer:– Lecrae

Album:– Church Clothes 4

Producer:– Juberlee, Ace Harris, Connor Back & ​theBeatbreaker

Written:– Lecrae, ​theBeatbreaker, Juberlee, Ace Harris, Connor Back, Alexandria Dollar & Oddisee

Label:– Reach Records

CC4 Lyrics Lecrae

Excuse me, I have revival
Let me praise my God

R.I.P. Breonna Taylor
R.I.P. to George Floyd (Leave me alone!)
I ain’t tryna hate on my own kind
But Warnock ain’t my only choice
And Herschel either, I love believers
But some of these folks don’t rep the Kingdom
I’m prolly gon’ lose more shows and money
But I’ma mess up y’all whole agenda
Some of y’all wanna be stars
Y’all got them big lights and worship guitars
Y’all play the chords at the end of the message, so make sure the melodies tug at your heart
Sponsor some kids just to show off what you did, and then jump in your luxury car
Drive past the hood and the poverty, get to the stadium just to watch people play ball
Aw, naw, you doin’ too much, you ain’t doin’ enough, who you foolin’ ain’t us (Leave me alone!)
You act like Jesus ain’t risen, like we ain’t forgiven, like we ain’t got truth in our clutch (Leave me alone!)
Some of us hate on each other, we bang on each other like we ain’t been covered in blood (Leave me alone!)
We try to cripple each other, we trip on each other like we ain’t in need of His love (Leave me alone!)
Meanwhile, these people confused, so they pray to the universe
Our life is how people view the Church
Say we want peace and we say we want unity
We need to move as a unit first (Leave me alone!)
I still believe in the Church, but it’s gon’ take us to put in some work, though
Either you hatin’ or helping, and if you gon’ help, then put on your church clothes

I have revival
Leave me alone!

Holy Father, God in Heaven
Show Your power, let it come
For Your Kingdom and Your honor
Through Your Spirit and Your Son
Through Your Spirit and Your Son
Through Your Son

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