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Bliss Abroad Lyrics Masego are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Masego. This song is from Studying Abroad: Extended Stay album. This Song will release on 21 May 2021.

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Bliss Abroad Lyrics Masego

Song:– Bliss Abroad

Singer:– Masego

Album:– Studying Abroad: Extended Stay

Producer:– Steve Octave, Jack Dine & Heavy Mellow

Written:– Masego

Bliss Abroad Lyrics Masego

[Intro: Masego]
I-I, A-A, E-E, O-O
Ha, U
Gotta get the vowels right, haha
You know what I’m sayin’?
Did we say Y?
We sayin’ Y
Thought I got it, yeah

[Verse 1: Masego]
I’ve been wantin’ to go St. Lucia for time (Yeah)
Take a flight of faith and go give us a try
You’re in Spain on Monday, I’m in Rome at night (Accurate)
I can catch a red-eye, then be by your side
I don’t think you know, we could go to and fro
We go this and there, kiss it there
You know we livin’ the high life
Need you in my life, so let’s go
We can take ship or boat, get intimate and coast
We’re supposed to, I want you living your best life
I’m lookin’ in your eyes they tellin’ me

[Chorus: Masego]
Take me on a place of bliss abroad (Abroad)
Take me on a place of bliss abroad (Abroad)

[Verse 2: Sheléa & Masego]
I’m a boss, I know you like that
Spend it all and make it back
See the sea view right from the cockpit
Just a preview to one of God’s gifts
I love (I like), the way (The way)
We have no limitations, every night a celebration
You take (You take), me there (Me there)
You exceed my expectation, beyond imagination
Sheléa (Woo), bliss abroad
Hmm, mm-hmm

[Chorus: Masego, with Sheléa]
Take me on a place of bliss abroad (Abroad)
Take me on a place of bliss abroad (Abroad)
Take me on a place of bliss abroad (Abroad)
Take me on a place of bliss abroad (Abroad)

[Outro: Masego & Sheléa]
Ah-ah, ayy-ayy, ee-ee, ooh-ooh (Ha)
Gotta get the vowels right
Ah-ah, ayy-ayy, ee-ee, ooh-ooh (Ha)
We can get a little big villa
Windows to the ceiling
Film cameras, I know what you want
You know I know what you want

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