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Balloons Lyrics SVDP

Description:- Balloons Lyrics SVDP are Provided in this article. The track is lead by SVDP. It is released on November 3, 2022.

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Balloons Lyrics SVDP
Balloons Lyrics SVDP

Song:– Balloons

Singer:– SVDP

Producer:– La+ch

Written:– SVDP

Balloons Lyrics SVDP

Gratitude for everyday I get to wake up with you
grateful just to be alive
oh I
gratitude for all the times they ever did me wrong
them lessons make you realize
so I
I’m grateful for every soul that stuck it out in this journey
and pulled up after a show
and told me the music helped em’ and gave em’ a lil’ hope
that’s all I needed to hear to keep me a float
cause the rest of this shit is mirrors
and at the agents is blowing smoke
but I been trying to find some levity amongst it all
and see the humour in the cards that we been dealing’ with
like the other day we was on the stoop and bro was like
you ever think about how Drake’s haircuts costs
more than your album budget
I guess that’s just how the stars lined up
I ain’t stressin’
I’m still proud of my whole team’s efforts
we took a knife to a gunfight we still here
we overlapped em’ on the track in a wheelchair
they told us not to dream big and instilled fear
instead we still showed up and still made some mills here
I feel for you if your parents ain’t believe in you
I feel for you if your city ain’t seein’ you
but I promise you that light you have inside
is a compass to a place
where your wildest dreams wait
and the weight is all lifted
the beautifulest skys in eternal sunshine
with them blessing’ in abundance
hear God if you listen
I come to realize that most of this journey
is just dodging’ other people projecting their fears on you
depending how you deal with
that shit can ware on you
but I can’t blame them
we just all trying to be heard
trying to be seen
trying to be loved
trying to believe
that’s there’s gotta be more than just grind on the daily
lost in our screens
and we chasin’ them streams
and some likes from a stranger that we’ve never seen
and it seems so obscene
but we’ve got used to it
a part of my wants to be on some ‘back in the day’ shit
but honestly i hate hearin’ that ‘back in the day shit’
cause old heads undermine the youth like they’ve never been one
chill bro
we all need a lil’ time to grow and figure this mess out
and figure out who you are
and what you trying to achieve
and where you really belong
and everything in between
and in the mean while
I hope you come to figure
you are more than what you suffered though
you are more than just your pain
you are more than your mistakes
you are more than what they label you to keep you in your place
you are more than just the trauma that you went through
ain’t no shame
you a light, you a star you a force,
you are strong
you was built for this path that the lord put you on
you exactly where you supposed to be
despite of the storm
so keep pushing on
I said keep pressing on
cause your time finna come
it was written from above
it was etched in the stars
so, keep your head up
fix your crown
you the one
you are God’s child baby
you are needed
you are loved

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