World’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa

A Dubai Tour on New Year Offers a Lot to Cheer in 2022


One of the largest cities of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a paradise that every travel connoisseur wishes to explore at least once in a lifetime. Known for its glamour, beauty and historical richness, Dubai is a colourful city. It is not only known for its administrative and political importance but also its remarkable tourist destinations. It serves as a melting pot of diverse cultures, offering a lot of enchanting experiences to live.

World’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa

Be it discovering the ancient history, cultural lineage, modern lifestyle or authentic dishes, there are a lot of things to do in Dubai. Also, the celebrations of Dubai New Year give tourists one more reason to explore it in all its glee and shine. Owing to an umpteen number of accommodation options in Dubai, it is never a hassle to find a hotel of one’s own choice in the city. From budget-friendly to luxurious hotel units, Dubai is home to hotels that pay utmost attention to comfort and convenience of the travellers.

Things to Do in Dubai

With a bustling lifestyle, modern architecture, golden sands, theme parks and aquatic heaven, Dubai attracts a lot of tourist traffic from all across the globe. One of the must-do things in Dubai is to soak in the beautiful bird-eye views offered by the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. This artistic marvel is one of the most celebrated pieces of architecture, known for its grandeur. Another remarkable thing to do is to explore the history of the city through attractions such as Grand Mosque, Dubai Museum and Heritage Village. Unwinding on lazy river beds, passing through shark tunnels, going for shark safari and enjoying at the Splasher’s kids area are some of the fun-loving activities that travellers can enjoy at Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark.

Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark

A tour to Dubai is said to be incomplete without witnessing the unseen marvel of the ocean presented by Dubai Aquarium. For travellers wishing to spend some peaceful and precious moments with close ones, relaxing at Jumeirah Beach is an ideal option. A shopping tour of the city further adds value to the trip. Deira Gold Souk, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Al Fahidi Street are some of the well-known shopping destinations in the city. A food tour of Dubai must be included in your itinerary. Margoogat, Al Machboos, camel meat, camel milk, tabbouleh and luqaimat are a few of the must-try items on a Dubai tour. Additionally, experiencing the wonders of the desert through Desert Safari or Desert Camping is an adventure of a different kind.

About Dubai New year

When the clock starts ticking for New Year celebrations, Dubai is one such destination that hovers around the minds of many travellers. Be it parties, fireworks, clubbing, high-rise buildings and the overall pomp and show culture, Dubai appears as a dream-like destination when it comes to celebrating the festive frenzy that New Year brings. So, in case travellers plan to visit the city on New Year’s Eve, Dubai New Year 2022 already has a lot in store for them.

Here are some of the best things to do on Dubai New Year’s Eve 2022:

Spend a beautiful evening at the Dubai Opera

It is at the Dubai Opera that travellers can soak in the party vibes. It is a world-renowned performing arts centre that hosts several events and shows, ranging from musicals, theatre, opera, pop, jazz, comedy and ballet. In particular, on New Year’s Eve, it hosts remarkable concerts and musicals allowing travellers to groove on the beats like never before. Its magnificent surroundings further add to its grandeur and allow travellers to welcome the New Year in a unique way. It is an experience in itself to witness the crowd going wild at opera’s classical beats as soon as the clock strikes 12.

Enjoy Zero Gravity Party

Zero Gravity Party is considered to be the party of party people. For those planning to dance all night on Dubai New Year’s Eve, Zero Gravity Party gives an ideal way to do so. It is here that tourists can witness fireworks lighting the entire sky in a spectacular display. As the stage is owned by well-known DJs, it lets the crowd be on their toes for several hours at a stretch.

Get enchanted by the Mesmerising fireworks

On the eve of New Year, one among the favourite pastimes for most UAE residents is to witness the astounding range of fireworks. The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab are the three most iconic locations in Dubai where the senses of travellers get dazzled by mesmerising fireworks. In Palm Jumeirah, fireworks take the shape of a palm and offer so much splendour that it seems that one is in a fairyland. Both tourists and local people gather in huge numbers to witness the fireworks lighting the sky and welcoming the New Year with the hope of good times ahead. Dubai Fountain, Burj Park, Souk al Bahar, Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard and Al Manzil Plaza are some of the other areas where one can be mesmerised by spectacular fireworks.

  Go for a Dinner Cruise on the New Year’s Eve

One of the fascinating experiences in Dubai on New Year is presented by the Dhow Dinner Cruise. Gliding along the Dubai creek on a beautiful lit dhow and having a delicious meal amidst crackling fireworks is considered a wonderful, romantic experience to indulge in on New Year’s Eve. The night sky and dazzling fireworks look magical, and it’s an evening to cherish forever. It features a perfect setting to celebrate a special evening with a special one.

Attend New Year parties anywhere in the city

On the eve that brings new hope, inspiration and joy, it becomes mandatory to keep aside all the worries and enjoy the party. From enchanting fireworks to performances by superstars, Dubai’s New Year parties offer unforgettable moments to the travellers. Mina Seyahi, Barasti Bar at the Le Meridien and Nasimi Beach are some of the popular places where one can be a part of enthralling New Year parties. Also, Sandance Beach at the Atlantis plays host to top DJs, where you can dance the night away.

Relish a grand dinner at Madinat Jumeirah

What’s better than a royal dinner at Madinat Jumeirah on New Year’s Eve? A range of dishes inspired by the taste and flavours of a variety of cuisines here are enough to satiate all cravings. Furthermore, a dinner, along with great music, fire dancers, live entertainment and an extravagant New Year’s Eve feast, adds charm to the experience of dining with near and dear ones.

Go for a Beach Picnic

Another unusual yet interesting way to celebrate the Dubai New Year is to go for a picnic on any of Dubai’s public beaches. Apart from watching crackling fireworks, it is here that travellers can laze around the waters and enjoy some moments of utter relaxation. Moreover, it is quite a beautiful experience to celebrate the New Year with closed ones amidst stunning and peaceful surroundings. Jumeirah Beach, Marina Beach and Sunset Beach are some of the popular beaches that tourists can visit. As the beaches during New Year in Dubai remain crowded, travellers are advised to book an early spot.

Experience a Fountain Lake Ride

For those who are thinking to celebrate the New Year in Dubai in a grand way, one of the best options is to try a Fountain Lake Ride. Sailing through the New Year’s Eve at the Dubai Fountain Lake and enjoying the beautiful light and sound show on a traditional Abra Water Boat is an enchanting experience in itself. Also, it is quite a wonderful spectacle to watch the magnificent 900 feet fountain displaying several colours and groove to the beats of live music. Additionally, the Burj Lake ride offers travellers a close look of the spectacular fireworks displayed on the occasion of New Year in Dubai. To ensure a better look at such breathtaking performances, it is advised to book front row seats on the motorised boat.

Celebrate New Year in a traditional way

How about going traditional for celebrating Dubai’s New Year 2022?  One such rustic and colourful way to welcome New Year is offered by Desert Safari. It is here that the travellers can indulge in an adventurous activity, dune bashing. For those who prefer to spend time in peace and introspection, witnessing sunset views is a great option. Also, several activities allow travellers to try unusual things. Trying ballet dancing, camel riding, Shisha smoking and henna painting are the traditional ways in which locals and tourists celebrate New Year in Dubai, as per their mood and likings.

With the help of an expert local guide, travellers can even set out to the Bedouin-style campsite to experience Arabian hospitality and get a glimpse of rich Emirati tradition. BBQ delights further add to the experience of enjoying the New Year at the dunes of Dubai.